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Why Choose The Louver Shop of Jackson For All Your Window Fashions?

Rick and Cindy Nava have been  providing homeowners with interior window coverings in the Mid-south for over 12 years.   Adam Henson, our son-in-law, helps us to provide professional consultations and installations.  Rick and Adam are both Certified Hunter Douglas Representatives.

We cover Jackson, Mississippi over to Starkville, Mississippi; then north to Tupelo, Corinth, Oxford, and Olive Branch/Southaven, Mississippi.  

We provide a huge selection of Hunter Douglas products that will fit any budget or need.   We can offer Duettes, Pirouettes, and Silhouettes as well as the standard Faux wood and wood blinds.  Our product selection is varied by product, textures and colors, allowing us to offer hundreds of options. 

The Louver Shop and Rick now offer Exterior Shutters.  We offer a wide variety of styles and materials, and can even customize according to your needs.

We love our work, because it provides us with an opportunity to work together as a family and provide people with a necessary product.  The joy our customers express after we finish a job is very fulfilling.  It has been a real pleasure to have done work for previous customers 12 years ago and to now be providing that same service for those peoples children's as they have grown.  We also , because of the area we have, will provide the same services for customers with multiple homes.  We are members of local builders association in Jackson, Mississippi.  

We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

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Bill Turner The Louver Shop of Jacksonville

We thought it would be difficult to replicate the old shutters we were trying to match, but you did it in two weeks! Amazing!

Thank you for the excellent service and beautiful product.

Posted for The Louver Shop of Jacksonville on December 16, 2017 by Fredrica S

Bill Turner and his associate were most professional from beginning to end. They were organized, efficient and worked quickly with little disruption. Shutters are great!

Posted for The Louver Shop of Jacksonville on December 7, 2017 by Willis D

Bill was awesome. Love my shutters. They look beautiful!!!!

Posted for The Louver Shop of Jacksonville on November 30, 2017 by Debbie B

 5 Star Review!!!

Posted for The Louver Shop of Jacksonville on November 1, 2017 by Marty S

 5 Star Review!!!

Posted for The Louver Shop of Jacksonville on June 23, 2017 by Saundra F

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Meet the Jackson Window Coverings Design Team

The Louver Shop of Jackson, MI is owned by Rick Nava. According to Rick, The Louver Shop stands apart from its competition for many reasons. Comments Rick, “The Louver Shop offers its clients experience and a longevity that other dealers just don’t have. And, it offers an incredibly broad array of window covering options.”

Rick was raised in a military family and moved to places all over the United States and even outside the country as well (including Germany and Thailand). Rick was inspired to join the military too and went on to serve for seven years. When he left the military, he went to work as an installer with his brother in North Carolina. From there he transitioned into installations, sales, and marketing in the Atlanta region. Rick became so known for his skills at installations that he was often called to many different places to assist in more complicated projects for The Louver Shop. He helped in installations in New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and especially all over the southern states. When a dealership became available in the Jackson area, Rick eagerly accepted the position and relocated in 2001.

Rick says that what he really loves about being part of The Louver Shop team is “helping people.” Rick goes on to say, “I especially enjoy helping them get what they want and what they need. One of my clients said to me just the other day, ‘This is so much more than what I expected!’ “That’s when I know I’ve done a good job,” says Rick with satisfaction, “This is what I do this for.”

Rick says that his client focused goal is that they are happy when the job is completed. “I want every customer to be extremely satisfied. And, like my dad always said, I want them to feel like they got a Cadillac for a Chevrolet price!”

Rick asserts that there is not really have any one particular product that is more popular than the others he carries. “We begin with what the customer wants to accomplish and we go on from there. I’ve seen the window covering industry really evolve over the years. Today, there are so many more options and so many more colors to choose from. It used to be just white or beige. We sell lots of shutters, shades, and blinds. We are also discovering that motorization is becoming more popular. We do really like to help the families we work with to not be afraid of motorization or the pricing and as a result, we see more people are choosing this option.”

Rick loves the Jackson region and community for many different reasons. He says with a smile, “The number one reason is the food! But there is also the music and all the diversity and different kinds of people. There’s always so much going on and I love it when new people come to this area and I can introduce them to everything there is to do.”

Rick says that the number one thing he enjoys about Jackson is families he gets to meet. He comments, “A term that is really common is ‘Mom and Them’. We will go out and do an installation and the next thing we know, our client says, ‘I need to introduce you to Mom and Them. They would love this!’ So, we go to another family member’s house and help them and then it happens again. The referrals within in a family can take us all over Mississippi and we love it!”

Rick also enjoys taking advantage of the many activities available. He likes to golf and wishes he could play more he says, he also enjoys duck hunting and fishing. He likes getting out in the many local parks for walking and biking and he loves spending time with his grandchildren. He tries to get in some travelling every year too. One of the things he really enjoys doing is attending the many festivals held in the region. Says Rick, “There is always a festival of some kind going on and many of them include different kinds of music – gospel, rock, blues. And, you get to see so many different kinds of people too.”

Rick is also committed to helping to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital whenever in a variety of ways. “We love to have a sponsorship for a marathon or sponsor a hole in a golf tournament,” he comments. “We keep it low key, though. We don’t do it for advertising, we do it because it is a cause we believe in.”

Rick has achieved many awards and a variety of recognition over the years. He is rightfully proud of his outstanding military record and for the past four years, he has been a member of The Louver Shop’s President’s Club. However, Rick says that what really means the most to him is the recognition he gets from his clients. “When my customers are happy, that’s when I know I’ve done a good job and that is the true reward!” 



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