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LouverTite Security Shutters

When you require year round security, Louvertite Security Shutters are the ideal solution. Louvertite Security Shutters are the best choice because they are permanent and they are perfect when you are looking for a roller shutter design for your home or workplace. These hurricane shutters by The Louver Shop will give you exactly what you need when it comes to quality, performance, aesthetic appeal, and convenience. 

Louvertite Security Shutters are one of the highest quality and most innovative hurricane/roller shutters you can find on the market today. Whatever you need in a shutter, the Louvertite Security Shutter has it all – weather protection, noise control, energy conservation, and of course, security. Louvertite Security Shutters are like the roll-up shutters found all over Europe (often known as “rolladen”), but they have been modified and adapted for use in the United States. Since hurricane shutters are often used in coastal regions, Louvertite Security Shutters are made from materials like aluminum, stainless, steel, plastic, and galvanized steel so that they can stand up to the environment and resist oxidation and other wear and tear due to the climate and weather. Louvertite Security Shutters are specially built to provide long term, trouble free protection.

Louvertite Security Shutters provide excellent security for your home or office. When they are fully closed, it is just about impossible for burglars to break in through your covered doors and windows. They are also built to resist hurricane force winds of up to 140 mph and will protect your home from any wind driven or airborne debris caused by storms. Louvertite Security Shutters also provide excellent climate control. Your energy bills will be lowered by having roller shades as a barrier against high or low temperatures. Plus, Louvertite Security Shutters provide protection from the sun as well as noise control. Finally, Louvertite Security Shutters are available in many colors and finishes and will enhance your home’s appearance.

The Louver Shop’s motor operated roller shutters come with a Somfy tubular motor that fits inside the shutter axle. All Somfy motors are waranteed for 5 years. Manual Override options are also available in case of emergencies or power outages. Louvertite Security Shutters are also available with special features like wind, sun, or rain sensors, remote control, or the ability to interface with home automation systems.

LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters

When you want protection from severe weather for your home or office, The Louver Shop offers LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters. LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters will also provide protection from the sun’s damaging rays and are a great way to control noise as well. LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters give you all this and they look great too! They are designed to be subtle and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, they cannot even be seen from the interior of your home or office when they are installed on the exterior.

The Louver Shop’s LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters will protect your windows and doors from storms and hurricanes while also adding to the security of your home. LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters are hurricane-approved and available in a variety of colors and design options. These rolling shutters are specially designed to fit the smallest housing box in the industry (40 to 50% smaller, in fact!) so that your installation enhances and blends with the architecture of your home or business. LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters also offers square, beveled, or curved housings so that they will appear completely appealing rather than distracting from the beauty of your residence.

The Louver Shop’s LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters are the most sustainable residential roller shutter available on the market today. They are 99-100% recyclable and made of 99% aluminum (60% of which is recycled.)

LouverSafe Pro Security Shutters are available with a variety of operating systems depending upon the size of the shutters. A manual strap or manual pull up/push down can be used for smaller shutters (up to 25 pounds). Medium shutters up to 45 pounds can be opened and closed with a 3-1 crank strap operation while shutters up to 80 pounds use a pole crank. Electric controls are also available for any size shutters. All come with a manual override in case of power outage or emergency and are designed to be economical in the use of electricity.

Hurricane Shutters

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My plantation shutters look perfect!  Thank You!

- Paula N, North Carolina

I would definitely refer friends, family & clients.

- Jenae Pavlich, Ohio

Can't say enough about how great the service was.

- Daniel Iyer, Georgia

We could not have had a better experience!

- Libby Garraway, Mississippi

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*Based on a nationwide survey conducted in November 2018.

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