French doors have long been a popular addition to homes throughout the world. They provide a sense of boundaries without shutting rooms or spaces away from one another entirely. Whether they connect two rooms inside or open up to the outdoors, French doors look stunning. But you can elevate their style even further with the right pair of custom window treatments.

While French doors complement many architectural styles, you want to make sure new window treatments suit the doors themselves. If you don’t know where to start, why not request a free virtual or in-home consultation from Louver Shop? A design expert can bring the showroom to you, helping you compare options until you know just what you want. Here are three window treatments that can help you make the most of your French doors.

Roman Shades Provide Clean Lines

French doors themselves come in a variety of styles and colors. Curved handles and paned glass feel historic and stately while streamlined doors are a contemporary dream. Luckily for you, many custom window treatments can offer a similar degree of versatility. While certain styles of French doors may imply what treatments look best, roman shades are always a good option for flexibility.

These shades combine the elegance of drapes with the simplicity of a soft shade. You can choose sheer fabrics to let more light through as well as darker, opaque options. Our Vignette® Modern Roman Shades should complement all sorts of French door styles.

Sheer Shades Draw in Natural Light

A key benefit of having French doors in your home is the natural light. When installed in an exterior wall, they’re a great way to pour sunlight into the room. But even when they connect two indoor spaces, French doors offer extra help keeping everything well-lit. Homeowners don’t want to sacrifice this natural light when adding window treatments, so sheer shades make a great choice. They can touch up the look without giving up on an important practical benefit.

You can’t go wrong with Louver Shop’s Silhouette® Window Shadings. These sheer shades soften up harsh sunlight without obscuring the view. Choose from available fabrics to find the ideal balance between scenery and privacy. Some fabrics can even help reduce UV rays, protecting furniture and flooring.

Shutters Enhance French Door Elegance

With room for subtle detail at center stage, French doors deserve to be highlighted much like a fireplace or piece of artwork would. Many French doors are made from durable hardwoods, designed to endure and provide some old-world class. If you want to double down on their beautiful architectural elements, a pair of shutters is perfect.

Custom interior shutters can make your home feel like a countryside manor or upscale chateau. Plantation shutters keep natural light coming with their wider louvers, while traditional all-wood options are cozy and tight knit. Whatever option you pick is sure to complement your French doors.

Frame Your French Doors with Louver Shop

From craftsmen to Queen Anne and everything in between, French doors are beautiful and functional architecture. Alongside custom window treatments from Louver Shop, they’re sure to be one of your favorite spots in the house. Don’t forget to request a free consultation if you’d like to learn what recommendations our design experts can offer.

Try Our Visualizer Tool for In-Depth Comparison

Still having trouble deciding what pair of shutters work best? Try the Louver Shop Visualizer tool. You can upload a photo of your own French doors and explore possible shutter options. This includes details like paint and stain or louver sizes. Compare your favorites until you know which one you want.