With warmer weather on the way, an outdoor deck is a great place for relaxing and socializing alike. A deck can be a great focal point for the exterior of your home, and a great place to install beautiful custom window treatments. Whether they’re attached to the home or a part of the outdoor deck itself, you have lots of great options for sprucing things up.

Louver Shop is your one-stop shop for beautiful custom window treatments. If you want to upgrade your outdoor deck, new shutters or shades could be just what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at 7 outdoor deck window treatments that will transform your deck into a centerpiece for your summer.

Roller or Roman Shades Can Keep Things Light and Breezy

1. Roller Shades
2. Roman Shades

Even though the deck is an outdoor space, many window treatments can be installed along hanging beams like those you’d find on a pergola. They can provide a sense of structure without limiting the open air feel that makes outdoor decks ideal spaces to host from. Louver Shop offers many richly textured shades including our Designer Roller Shades that can protect from harsh sunlight without putting up walls.

Beautiful wooden decks may make the Provenance® Woven Wooden Shades your treatment of choice. Made from high quality natural materials like bamboo, these Roman shades can filter out the strong sunlight of midday, helping keep your deck cool. They add a sense of upscale, yet rustic beauty. And with the LiteRise® system, you can easily adjust them by hand without a traditional cord or wand.

Exterior Shutters Offer Architectural Detail

3. Bahama Shutters
4. Louvered Shutters

You can also bolster the style of nearby windows with a variety of exterior shutters. Custom shutters can add to the visual delight of an outdoor deck without making it seem like you’re trying too hard to bring the indoors outdoors. Louver Shop exterior shutters are the perfect choice whether you prefer fashion or function. For example, traditional louvered shutters offer a regal, yet inviting appeal.

But as an outdoor space, your deck could also be a chance to experiment. If you’re looking for a more tropical feel, why not try some custom Bahama shutters? You can find a sense of Caribbean style with these airy, tropical shutters. They’re available in resilient materials like fiberglass and aluminum to help stand up to severe weather.

Consider Strong Colors and Storm Protection

Whatever style of window treatments you settle on, don’t forget to consider the details! Adjusting specific features can help you fine-tune the final look exactly how you’ve envisioned. Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind:

5. Choosing sheer or translucent fabric shades will allow natural light to pour through without blinding guests.
6. Consider strong materials to provide storm protection for your windows. That way you can keep windows in or near an open outdoor deck safe from rain and wind.
7. Strong colors pop in bright sunlight. Adding vibrant paint and stain can be an eclectic way to turn your outdoor deck into a place to host parties, barbecues and much more.

Spice Up Your Outdoor Deck with Louver Shop

New window treatments from Louver Shop are a great way to add custom beauty to your outdoor deck. Equal parts fashionable and functional, your deck will certainly be the talk of the neighborhood this summer. If you don’t know where to start, consider requesting a free virtual or in-home consultation. Our design experts will be happy to help you turn your sense of style into new window treatments.

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Explore Interior Shutter Styles with Our Visualizer Tool

If you want to try new interior shutters as well, the visualizer tool from Louver Shop is just what you need. Pick a sample photo or upload one of your own windows to compare different shutters on your own time. You won’t need long to find the perfect combination.