The Best Moisture Resistant Window Treatments

Jun 7, 2023 | Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

Moisture is a fact of life for those living in humid climates like the Southern United States. Sticky, wet humidity tends to creep in everywhere you don’t want it to, including your hair, your car, and especially your home. Mold and water damage are dangers if you don’t protect your home properly.

At Louver Shop, we want to help protect your home from moisture, whether coming in through your windows or moisture created by showers and cooking. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are especially prone to moisture, so it’s essential to have window treatments that will maintain their appeal for a lifetime.

Moisture-Resistant Window Treatments Should:

  • Help Block Incoming Moisture
  • Withstand Cracking, Peeling, Discoloring, and Fading
  • Offer Long-Term Durability
  • Maintain Their Color and Texture

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are our favorite window treatment to work with at Louver Shop. Their clean lines, handcrafted louvers, and expert craftsmanship set them apart, but their unique moisture-resistant features make them our top choice for humid climates.

LouverWood™ Plantation Shutters

If there’s any window treatment built to beat moisture, it’s LouverWood™ Plantation Shutters. Their dense cellular PVC material can withstand even the most extreme heat, moisture, and humidity. You’ll never need to worry about your shutters expanding, chipping, peeling, or contracting over time. We guarantee that LouverWood™ Plantation Shutters will look beautiful in your design for years. We love this option for those who love the traditional lines and classic feel of plantation shutters and want it to last a lifetime. And don’t forget the incredible bonus of energy savings!

Louver Shop LouverWood™ plantation shutters are made with a dense PVC material designed to withstand high heat and humidity with cracking or peeling. Not only will faux wood shutters hold up when you’re taking a shower or steaming veggies, but they’ll also help you save money on your energy bill. Their energy efficiency is reason enough to love LouverWood™ shutters, and their unparalleled strength sets them above other options.


Custom blinds are a close second to shutters because of their classic design, customizable style, and expert light and privacy control. Blinds blend perfectly in traditional, modern, and eclectic homes alike. Their versatility alone makes blinds an ideal choice for any home.

Everwood Faux Wood Blinds

Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

Both wood and faux blinds are excellent options for strength and gorgeous style!

Wood blinds are made with responsibly-sourced hardwood; Faux wood blinds are crafted with a tough composite material designed to perfectly mimic natural wood’s colors and grains.

Metal Blinds

Metal blinds offer simplicity, style, and durability. We love them for their strong aluminum material and various finishes, textures, and colors. Your blinds will blend perfectly with your current decor while easily resisting moisture.

hardware detail of aluminum blinds in a kid's room

Moisture-Resistant Window Treatments at Louver Shop

Whether you’re looking for moisture-resistant shutters, energy-saving shades, or traditional blinds, Louver Shop is here to help you create your dream interiors. Book your free, in-home consultation to get started!

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