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Jerry GoreBusiness Owner, Louver Shop Shutters of Myrtle Beach & Florence

Jerry’s Louver Shop of Myrtle Beach serves as a pillar of excellence in their community. They continue to work towards bettering the reputation and long-standing tradition behind North America’s choice window-treatment company.

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Jerry is Your Shutters, Shades & Blinds Expert in the Louver Shop Shutters of Myrtle Beach & Florence Area

Jerry's History & Experience in Window Treatments

Born in the Southern part of North Carolina, Jerry Gore went on to attend college at North Carolina State University. He began a career in accounting and lived in the Raleigh area for around 15 years. During that time, he became a Louver Shop customer, having purchased Louver Shop Shutters. That was when Jerry’s life took a complete turn.

He was astounded by the quality of products and services that Louver Shop had to offer–so much so that he just had to ask if any opportunities were available for him to work with them. The sales representative working with him at the time then made him aware of an opportunity opening in Myrtle Beach.

He remembers vacationing in Myrtle Beach as a kid, and decided to jump on the opportunity. So, Jerry moved to Myrtle Beach, and in 2006 opened his very own Louver Shop.

“I used to be a customer of the louver shop – but I believed in the company enough to completely change my career and work with them.”

Get to Know Jerry

Window coverings aren’t the only thing on Gore’s mind, though. In his time away from the business, he maintains various hobbies and interests. He often takes his Jeep out for rock crawling adventures and also enjoys his family trips to the beach.

On the weekends, you may find him and his family attending the Myrtle Beach Pelican games. Speaking of family, the Gore’s have a daughter that was born in Raleigh, and their very own hunting dog–granted he isn’t much of a hunting dog, but they love him all the same.

They love making market runs from Georgetown, South Carolina to Wilmington in North Carolina. Conversely, you may find them in Murrells Inlet, enjoying some of the best seafood that South Carolina has to offer.

What Jerry Enjoys About the Louver Shop Shutters of Myrtle Beach & Florence Area

Jerry loves the diversity of his community. Since his territory runs all along the coast, and includes both rural and urban areas, he gets to see all types of windows, houses, and people.

Sunrise over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Jerry's Business

Jerry looks forward to customers’ elation when they finally see their completed window treatments. His philosophy is that he just loves referrals, and naturally, you only get referrals from happy customers–so, he strives to make every client happy and fulfilled with their experience with Louver Shop. This is easy when Jerry does many of his own installs, making clients feel a sense of security knowing who will be going through the process with them. Jerry’s lead installer has been in the business for over 30 years, so you can expect the same level of security and professionalism from him as well.

Jerry’s favorite Louver Shop products are their shutters. It need not be said what wonders they may do to a home in terms of aesthetics, feel, longevity and value. Roller shades are also becoming popular in his region, due to their ability to control light and still provide the beautiful views of Myrtle Beach’s sandy shores.

He understands the subtle elegance that window-treatments offer to any home. He says that one of his clients has compared them to a perfect pair of earrings–they can accent beauty in a way like few other home improvements can.

Working with Louver Shop and taking full advantage of their lifetime warranties gives Jerry and his customers complete peace of mind. They can go through the process of window-treatment installation without a second thought. The undisputed quality of Louver Shop’s American-made shutters add a great deal to this as well. By putting your trust in Jerry Gore, you’re putting your home into great hands.

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Louver Shop has been the premier choice for shutters, blinds, shades and more since 1972. Our dedication to superior products is reflected in every customized window treatment, delivering a perfect blend of style and functionality to your community homes. With a rich history of excellence, we continue to redefine window design with timeless sophistication.