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We Set the Standard on Custom Plantation Shutters

We get that plantation shutters are traditional. But they don’t have to be boring.

With Louver Shop, your home can look just how you picture it. We can customize the color, stain, materials, architectural shapes (and more). And size doesn’t matter here. We have yet to meet a window or door we couldn’t cover.

We make all our plantation shutters here in the United States. That means you’ll have your custom order much sooner. In most cases in as few as 3 weeks.

And you’ll get window shutters that will be beautiful for years. We guarantee it.

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Save on Energy with Indoor Shutters Louver Shop

Our plantation shutters may increase your home’s value while shaving energy costs. Window shutters protect your rooms from the summertime heat, and insulate from the cold in winter, which lead to reduced energy consumption year-round.

You’ll benefit from the ultimate in light control, privacy and air circulation. All without dangling cords that could be dangerous for children or pets.

Our shutters also have nontoxic, water-based finishes that are safe for your household—and the planet.

Our Exclusive Plantation Shutters

Wood that’s light, yet strong. Polymer that can stand up to heat and moisture. All in a customizable package.

All Plantation Shutters are Not the Same

We guarantee that your new wood or polymer plantation shutters will last for years. Plus, we back them with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Our plantation shutters won’t:

  • Warp or bend
  • Crack, peel or discolor
  • Need to be tightened or adjusted

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