A bit of rustic charm can help homes feel a little cozier and more welcoming. For that reason, lots of homeowners are trying out the modern farmhouse style of design. This aesthetic does a great job blending traditional and contemporary elements, giving you more flexibility with other details like your window treatments.

Custom window treatments can spruce up any room, but how do you start. We suggest a free virtual or in-home consultation with a local design consultant. They know what details to focus on to help you complement the modern farmhouse look. To help you get started, here are a few window treatments that go great with modern farmhouse lighting.

Plantation Shutters Have Traditional Appeal with Modern Features

One of the best places to start with window treatments that suit a modern farmhouse look is a custom set of plantation shutters. Their classic design suits a wide range of interior styles, and their modern construction ensures energy efficiency and convenient day-to-day use.

Heritage Plantation Shutters are sealed with a durable Diamond Coat to lock out moisture, letting you use these shutters in spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. With their strong lines and timeless aesthetic, they’re a great fit for a modern farmhouse look.

Natural Wood Shutters Are Sturdy and Stylish

For greater authenticity, traditional shutters are the way to go. They’re constructed with narrower frames and smaller louvers, calling to mind a truly vintage appearance. When working with a modern farmhouse aesthetic, wood shutters can help keep things feeling rustic and enduring.

Real Traditional Wood Shutters should be made with the highest quality hardwoods to ensure they last for years and years. And with dozens of paint and stain colors, you can find a shade that matches your modern farmhouse lighting. Consider neutral tones since modern farmhouse favors browns, blacks and similar colors.

Try Roman Shades If You Prefer More Modern Touches

While rural elements are important for capturing that farmhouse feel, it’s only half of the equation. Sometimes you want more modern elements in a space to keep things feeling fresh. Roman Shades are the perfect option. Their simplicity satisfies the eye while letting other elements around the room enjoy their time in the spotlight. You can customize the fabric color, pattern and even opacity with quality Roman Shades.

Some Designer Screen Shades could be a strong contender if you’re looking for clean lines and energy efficiency. In fact, a quality shade can block up to 75% of UV rays, protecting the space from sun and heat damage. For added convenience, you can even motorize the shade’s controls with a Wi-Fi compatible operating system.

Capture the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Look with Louver Shop

Modern farmhouse homes combine rustic materials like reclaimed wood and brushed metal with simple, geometric structure. Fortunately for you, all sorts of beautiful custom window treatments can offer a similar look. If you’d like some expert guidance from a local design consultant, schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation. They have loads of experience translating your unique sense of style with trendy interior design like the modern farmhouse look.

Check Out Plantation Shutter Styles Using Our Visualizer Tool

Having trouble comparing plantation shutters? Give our Visualizer Tool a whirl! You can easily try out all kinds of different customization options by using a sample photo or uploading one of your own home. Check out available colors, frames, louver sizes and other details from the comfort of your own home.