A Buyer’s Guide to Interior Plantation Shutter Styles

Mar 10, 2023 | Cellular/Honeycomb Shades, Interior Shutters, Interior Window Treatments

Homeowners and designers alike have favored shutters for years because of their versatility, energy efficiency, durability, and endless style! If you love the look of shutters and want to bring their style to your home, our experts can help you discover which styles fit your home’s interior design best.

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Plantation Shutters

You likely have heard “plantation shutters” more than any other. This popular style may have Southern roots, but they’re for any traditionally or classically designed home. Plantation shutters are often crafted from genuine hardwood or polymer materials; Your home doesn’t need to be either/or when it comes to hardwood or poly materials! Choose poly plantation shutters in rooms with more humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms, and hardwood plantation shutters where you want to include natural materials.

Louver Shop plantation shutters guarantee a cool home on the hottest summer days and a warm, cozy home on the coldest nights. Not only will you save energy all year round, but you’ll also save on your energy bill! Our louvers are also made without dangerous cords, so this is a stylish and safe option for families with pets and children.

Check out our plantation shutter offerings, including Heritage Shutters, LouverWood™ Shutters, and Classic Shutters.

plantation shutters in a dining room
traditional shutters above a bathtub

Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters are for those who favor a historical design style. This classic style of window shutters is known for its narrow frame and 1 ¼ miniature louvers. Traditional shutters are often mistaken for plantation shutters; Interestingly, they are pretty different styles. Traditional shutters are typically only crafted with natural hardwood. This style looks incredible in any house, but traditional shutters especially look at home with an Earth-tone color palette and traditional interior design.

Louver Shop’s traditional shutters are handcrafted with furniture-grade basswood and are always finished with a tough, moisture-resistant seal; You can trust traditional wood shutters will look beautiful and last a lifetime. We are also proud to be one of the few manufacturers of this classic style of shutters!

Check out our traditional shutter offerings.

Poly (Faux Wood) Shutters

This interior window shutter style earned its name from the material used to craft the shutters. Hardwood typically composes classic shutter styles, while a solid synthetic polymer, like PVC, comprises poly shutters. Poly shutters are great for high-traffic homes, especially in rooms with high humidity or moisture. 100% of Louver Shop’s LouverWood™ Poly Plantation Shutters shutters are solid, cellular PVC not the flimsy hollow PVC offered at other shutter manufacturers.

LouverWood poly plantation shutters in a sitting room

Your design will benefit from the look of natural hardwood with even more durability when you choose our poly shutters. This style fits right into a home with a modern interior design, where functionality is highly favored over aesthetics. Our excellent cellular PVC material is a Louver Shop specialty; no need for maintenance with our poly shutters—we guarantee it!

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Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters are one of our favorite styles because they combine the durability of a hardwood frame with poly louvers for an even more robust product. This style is a popular option for those who want to include organic materials in their design without losing the fantastic benefits of poly shutters.

When you choose Louver Shop hybrid shutters, you’ll receive energy savings and excellent temperature control. Like poly shutters, your home will have trouble-free shutters for a lifetime.

Heritage shutters in a blue living room

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