2024 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For

Oct 31, 2023 | Home Improvement, Interior Design, Interior Window Treatments

As the years come and go, they bring with them interior design trends that can be fun to add and incorporate into your home. Whether these trends stand the test of time or are temporary fun that lasts for a season, it’s exciting to try new decorating styles to see what speaks to you. 

With the new year comes new opportunities to take chances — whether trying out an attractive new restaurant, engaging in an unfamiliar hobby, or changing how you decorate your space. At Louver Shop, our Design Consultants are here to share some of the 2024 interior design trends to look out for.

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Source Sustainable Materials for 2024

Eco-friendly sustainable design has been an ongoing trend in recent years — and for 2024, the interior design trend for green living is fully becoming a fundamental part of many people’s lifestyles. Making environmentally conscious choices improves one’s mental well-being, develops a sense of responsibility toward the environment, and creates cozy living spaces.

You can bring this trend into your home by adding potted and hanging plants to your interiors and choosing materials made of wood, natural woven materials, clay, and organic fibers. Louver Shop carries a range of window treatments made from bamboo, reeds, and grasses so that you can take advantage of this 2024 interior design trend, starting at your window. Those options include Heritage Wood Plantation ShuttersTraditional Wood Shutters, stunning wood blinds, and woven wood shades.

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Adding Arches and Curves to Interiors

Another interior design trend gaining momentum has found its moment in 2024. In the new year, expect to see more designs that soften hard lines with a focus on organic shapes like arches and curves instead of blocky squared-out silhouettes of the past.

From new and vintage furniture with soft lines and fluid, organic shapes to entryways and windows with arches, semi-circles, and unique shapes, expect to find new forms, asymmetry, and irregular shapes that draw the eye around a room.

Make A Statement with Color and Texture

Whether you’re into bold, colorful patterns or relaxing, neutral fabrics, 2024 interior design trends are about creating personalized and layered spaces full of your unique character.

Just like a luxurious hotel retreat uses mixed materials and textures to create compelling places where people pay a premium to relax and recuperate, choose a curated selection of your favorite finishes and materials. Special treatments like pleated, folded, or tuft padding will add dimension to your furniture or window coverings.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Upgrading to Smart Home Technology

As technology has grown more and more advanced, many homeowners are seeking to incorporate the latest generation of smart home features into their interior designs. Lighting, security, entertainment, temperature control systems, and automated window treatments managed from a smartphone or with voice commands are emerging as a top 2024 interior design trend.

Those minor upgrades that make homeowners’ modern lives just a little bit easier and more convenient can make the difference between a space that feels custom-designed for you — and nothing feels better than to pass off a time-intensive chore to an automated service.

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