A Leader in Custom Window Shutters

The Louver Shop is a nationwide leader in window shutters, and offer shutters in every style, color, and material you can imagine.

All of our innovations in window shutters over the past 35 years were developed with you, our customer, in mind. As styles change over the years, The Louver Shop has met our customers’ changing needs, while keeping our quality craftsmanship and never losing sight of tradition in quality shutters and window treatments.

Our Classic Plantation Shutter, a number one selling, custom made, all wood shutter in America, is uniquely designed to fit your windows.

And just as our Classic Plantation Shutter grew out of the Traditional 1¼” Shutters we sold, our Heritage Plantation Shutter originated from our Classic Plantation Shutter.

We were all wood until 1984. We sought to develop a sustainable synthetic shutter to serve our customer’s needs.

Made from polymer foam, Louverwood™ is a solid, non-toxic, synthetic material.  Because Louverwood™ is 100% synthetic, no natural resources are destroyed in the manufacturing process.  Additionally, Louverwood™ is water resistant, fire retardant, and insulates more than two times greater than wood.

You needed Sunbursts, Arched Shutters, Sliding Glass Doors and French Doors covered.  We do that too!

That’s what we do The Louver Shop interior shutters, blinds and shades – made in America.

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