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  • Reputation

    Relentless customer service

    The Louver Shop has an excellent reputation for outstanding customer service because of its customer focused philosophy. The customer comes first and The Louver Shop’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau proves it.  The Louver Shop also has consistently high ratings on many web based review sites.

    Our policy is RELENTLESS CUSTOMER SERVICE. Testimonials from customers show that The Louver Shop’s dedication to quality shows in both our products and service. This reputation stands firm no matter which of our Market Representatives works with you and no matter where in the U.S. you live. In fact, we have grown due to word of mouth. Our happy and satisfied customers recommend us to their friends and family all the time. We are proud of our reputation and we feel it has been well earned. We are also happy that we can help you feel good knowing that you are working with a reputable company that stands behind its products and services. So check us out online and with the Better Business Bureau! You will find that The Louver Shop has a stellar reputation!

  • Why Us

    Best ChoiceAdd Style & Value To Your Home

    Your home is probably the single largest purchase you'll ever make.  Improving your home is the second best and largest investment you can make.  After remodeling your kitchen and your bathrooms, adding shutters to your home is the best investment you can make to actually increase your home’s value.

    How do shutters increase the value of my home?
    • Shutters do not deteriorate as other window coverings do.  If you select the right company, shutters will last as long as your home does.
    • Things that don’t deteriorate, don’t depreciate….  Your home value goes up!
    • They are child safe unlike blinds and shades where cords can entangle and endanger your children and your pets.
    • Curb appeal – No other window covering looks as good from the inside as they do from the outside.  Shutters make a statement that others can see!
    • Insulation – the right shutters will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter…. And save you $$$ on your energy bills! 
  • 5-Day Delivery

    Custom Shutters Delivered In As Few As 5 Days

    Five Day DeliveryOnce you have decided on the type of shutters or window coverings you want for your home you will naturally be anxious to receive them as soon as possible. Good news --all of The Louver Shop shutters are manufactured in the USA which gives us the ability to ship in as little as 5 days! (In comparison, most of our competitors take 4-6 weeks or more to ship their custom shutters.) Our quick and efficient delivery time has made us a leader in the industry.  We run our own trucks and manage our distrubution to ensure the speediest delivery possible. Your sales representative will work with you so that you will know exactly what to expect. There will be no hidden charges or fees that suddenly pop up! No matter the size or shape of your shutters, you will be well informed every step of the way.

    Again, because our shutters are made right here in the United States, there is no long trip from overseas that will lengthen the delivery time. Nor will the shutters be delayed by having to pass through customs. It is always great to help our economy by buying from a domestic manufacturer and of course, it’s even better when you benefit too. Anyone would agree that receiving their shutters more quickly is a wonderful benefit!

    The Louver Shop proudly manufactures all of its shutters in the United States of America.  Our 70,000 square foot plant in Dahlonega, GA produces more panels than any other domestic shutter company.  The Louver Shop came under new ownership in May of 2011.  We are dedicated to continuing the family values of the original company while improving the overall product using today’s technology in lean manufacturing.  Our commitment to giving you the best possible quality and customer experience has never been stronger.

  • Made In USA

    All Of Our Products Are Made in America

    Made In The UsaOur manufacturing plants are located in the USA.  We believe in the value and quality of American made products! So, what does “Made In The USA” really mean? It is a term we hear quite often and means quite a lot! According to the Federal Trade Commission in order to claim that a product is made in the USA it must contain no (or negligible) foreign content. 78 percent of Americans would rather buy the American made product versus an identical item made overseas. 60 percent would even be willing to pay more for the American made product. 

    There are so many advantages to buying an American made product. For instance, American workers are protected from exploitation. Labor and safety laws help prevent sweatshop conditions. And, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 2 million jobs are exported every year. When a product is made in the U.S.A., those jobs stay in America. Both the company and its employees pay into the infrastructure and that of course, helps improve and support our roads, schools, education, police, etc. Additionally, those employees support other businesses in their community. The entire economy benefits!

    You, the consumer, also get the peace of mind in knowing that the craftsmanship that has gone into your shutters from the Louver Shop is of the highest quality. You don’t have to rely on a different country’s standards (which may or may not match ours). You can be assured that your shutters will have no cheap or shoddy materials or workmanship! Plus, buying products that are made in the U.S.A. is good for the environment. Because your shutters are made here in America, they don’t have as far to travel in order to reach your front door. That means less fuel is used and fewer emissions are released into our atmosphere.  Plus you will receive your order more quickly.

    Finally, many people think that a product made in the U.S.A. will be more expensive. That is not always the case. The Louver Shop products are priced extremely competitively, plus, they are made to last for years and years. Shutters that have to be replaced often due to poor manufacturing and cheap materials are no value at all and will cost you money in the long run.

  • Value

    It's in the details...

    Shutter VignettePlantation Shutters are one of the few window coverings available that add value to your home.  The process starts in the initial design phase of your project.  You want the right fit for your specific window.  Our professionally trained design representative brings an average of 10.1 years of quality experience into your home.  Your representative will custom design your mount type, frame type, and panel layout to further enhance the beauty and value of your home.

    Each shutter is custom designed and built to the nearest 1/16” to fit your specific window.  Whether you have custom molding already installed, or we are designing trim for your window, trust us to make the right recommendations for your project.  We make sure that the shutters you receive are made to the highest standards of beauty and durability, and that is a Louver Shop guarantee!

    We offer the quality custom shutters, blinds and shades that you deserve for your home.  The Louver Shop shutters are carefully handcrafted to provide you with superior quality using the finest of harvested North American hardwoods.  If you want man-made materials, we use an inert polymer material that looks and feels like wood, but withstands the moisture and the elements to never crack, chip, or peel for the life of the shutter. Regardless of what material you choose, each shutter opening passes through the hands of six inspectors before it leaves our plant and arrives at your home. We make sure that the product you receive is exactly what you need and exactly what you ordered. Since your shutters are custom made, your specifications are OUR specifications.

    We build our shutters with the DuraglideTM patented tension system that is good for the life of the shutter, and will never need to be adjusted.  Our furniture grade dowels are much thicker than other shutter companies use, and they will keep the shutter panels square and level for as long as they are in your home.  Our frames have light blocks, so that light does not leak through the gaps in the stiles and the frames.  We mortise all of our hinges, so that you get the custom fit for your windows.  The quality is in the details, and that is what The Louver Shop provides for you.

  • Local

    Locally Owned

    Locations_mapLocations Around The CountryWe have Market Representatives in 26 states and continue to expand rapidly.  All of our locations are locally owned and operated and backed by The Louver Shop and our over 40 years of experience.  

    What does this mean to you? It means that your Louver Shop representative lives and works in your community. It means that he or she knows the climate and the weather and can best recommend the shutters or window coverings that will meet your specific needs. It means that your Louver Shop representative will be available to you – no time zone differences, no long distances! It also means that you will be supporting a local business in your community. Local businesses put a great deal back into their towns both in taxes and jobs as well as in community support. And of course, the Louver Shop backs every location.

    You don’t have to worry that the products and service will be any different from one state to another. The quality and value will be consistent no matter where you live. The Louver Shop guarantees it!

  • Warranty

    Best in the Business

    Lifetime Limited WarrantyOur warranty is one of the strongest in the industry!  We completely support our products.

    Lifetime Limited Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty is an expression of our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living a lifetime with your new custom shutters.

    No matter where you live, you can count on the Louver Shop’s warranty. All of our products are of the highest quality. Since they are made right here in the United States, we can ensure that all the materials and every step in the manufacturing process meets our standards and yours! Our products are designed to last for years and years. Shutters are an investment in your home and your home is probably your biggest investment and you will want to make sure that you are getting the best product that you possibly can. You will have peace of mind in knowing that when you work with the Louver Shop, you are getting a quality product that we stand behind. We have satisfied customers all over the United States as our reviews and ratings with Better Business Bureau prove. We have been in business and stayed in business for over 40 years because our products are so well made and our warranty is so good! We are not a fly by night organization – our shutters and our warranty are made to last a lifetime!


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